Reasonable Accomodations Policy

It is the policy of JPHA to be service-directed in the administration of our housing programs, and to exercise and demonstrate a high level of professionalism while providing housing services to families.

A participant with a disability must first ask for a specific change to a policy or practice as an accommodation of his or her disability before JPHA will treat a person differently than anyone else. JPHA’s policies and practices will be designed to provide assurances that persons with disabilities will be given reasonable accommodations, upon request, so that they may fully access and utilize the housing program and related services.

If JPHA finds that the requested accommodation creates an undue administrative or financial burden, JPHA will deny the request and/or present an alternate accommodation that will still meet the need of the person.

JPHA will provide a written decision to the person requesting the accommodation within ten business days, after receipt of all requested information. If a person is denied the accommodation or feels that the alternative suggestions are inadequate, they may request an informal hearing to review JPHA’s decision.

JPHA may verify disabilities under definitions in the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act.