HUD Requests $150 Million for Sustainable Communities Initiative

HUD requests $150 million for a new Sustainable Communities Initiative to integrate transportation and housing planning in a way that maximizes choices for residents and businesses, lowers transportation costs and drives sustainable development efforts.

This investment reflects HUD’s strong belief that housing is best developed “in context” of communities and regions, as proximity to transit, jobs, and retail amenities influence the long term success of both the housing and its occupants. Walkable, transit-oriented, mixed income communities substantially reduce transportation costs, create energy savings, and enhance access to employment and educational opportunities.

The initiative would be based around three central efforts.

First, the Initiative would dedicate $100 million for a regional planning effort to be jointly administered by HUD and DOT. Second, it would include $40 million in community challenge grants to entice metropolitan and local leaders to make market-shifting changes in local zoning and land-use rules and building codes. Finally, it would dedicate $10 million for a major research and evaluation effort that is jointly administered by DOT and HUD.

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Author: Staff