DHAP Move Policy

You may make one move during DHAP. You may want to exercise this option to either return to your home area or to an area where you wish to live when the program ends. Once you have exercised your opportunity to move, you may not move again with continued DHAP assistance. In any event, you will be able to move with continued existence if your landlord violates his obligations.In searching for the new unit you want to rent, you must consider the Disaster Housing Assistance Program requirements. In order for a new unit to be approved, it must meet the following requirements BEFORE YOU MOVE IN:

  1. The PHA must determine that the rent for the unit is reasonable for the type, size and condition of the unit.
  2. The unit must pass the housing quality standards (HQS) inspection by the PHA.
  3. The owner must be willing to enter into a contract with the housing agency and comply with the program rules.

If you have any plans on moving, we advise you to contact your case manager first, who will help you determine your eligibility and explain the move approval process.

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