Public Comment on Transfer of Properties to Parishes

BATON ROUGE, La. (February 8, 2008) – The Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA) and the Office of Community Development recently published an action plan amendment for public comment, which provides details on the approval process of parish governments’ disposition plans for Road Home-acquired properties through the Louisiana Land Trust.When homeowners select Option 2 or Option 3 through the state’s Road Home program, their properties are sold to the Louisiana Land Trust, which is responsible for maintaining the properties until they are transferred to the parishes for redevelopment. In order to receive these properties, parishes must submit a disposition plan to the state for approval.

Parish disposition plans must be reviewed by the LRA, OCD, and the Louisiana Land Trust. Once the organizations review the Parish Redevelopment and Disposition Plans, they will be submitted to LRA Board for final approval.

Citizens, community leaders and elected officials can access all action plans and submit comments online at or request a copy by phone by calling (225) 219-9600.

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