“Building Community Resilience” Grants

The LouisBuilding Community Resilience Partnershipiana Family Recovery Corps and the American Red Cross Hurricane Recovery Program have partnered to provide grants in the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita impacted parishes of Louisiana. The Building Community Resilience program focuses on providing support for wellness and health programs meeting the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of communities impacted by the storms.This program has been designed to assist non-profit organizations by issuing grants to enhance people’s emotional well-being, such as structured opportunities to share experiences, get respite, provide mutual support, and foster supportive networks within communities. These resiliency programs should serve to enhance individual coping skills and social well-being, to facilitate creating a sense of community and to facilitate the identification of individuals whose distress is such that they require more formal mental health treatment. Although these programs/activities are meant to meet the unmet mental health needs of the hurricane survivor(s) population, and because there is much stigma against mental health within this specific population, the activities need to be promoted and organized in a manner that is safe and inviting to the hurricane survivor(s).

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