Install Storm Doors

As with storm windows, storm doors save energy in two ways. First, they reduce air leakage through spaces around the existing door. Second, they reduce heat conduction through the door by creating an insulated air space between the door and the storm door. In addition to saving energy, storm doors enhance resident comfort, and they protect the primary door, thus reducing maintenance costs.Types

  • Low-e glass
  • Frames:
    • aluminum
    • steel
    • fiberglass
    • wood


  • Door clearance for operation by elderly and disabled residents should be considered.
  • Storm doors should have latches or locks for security.
  • Storm doors should not be installed over primary doors that have foam cores or plastic trim.


  • Adding a storm door that costs about $200 or less is generally a good investment if your existing door is old, but still in good condition.
  • Adding a new (or more expensive) storm door to a modern foam core door is not generally worth the expense since the added energy saved is very small.
  • Adding a storm door to a modern multi-glazed energy-efficient low-e patio door is seldom economic.
  • Wooden storm doors require more maintenance than the other types.

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